Where The Mind Is

“Don’t go out your mind!” "Pick up your mind!" "Where was your mind?" All these kind of questions are asked and these kinds of warnings are made all the time, but have you ever thought why the location of mind is always questioned?
The great god, who created the mind, after embellishing it with outstanding specialties, seated it into the brains.
Mind was surprised! It thought “Is it dark or am I blind?”
It could not understand the situation and asked the god:
-My Lord! You have created me perfectly, but I think I’m blind. You’ve made me dynamic, frisky, agile, easily adapted, but I can’t see the outside, the things around me and the place that I’m in! Just staying in my very place, after evaluating the data reaching me, I direct them depending on their purposes, in a perfect way.
God answered;
"-I’ve created you so perfect that, you don’t need an eye in addition! Being blind is better to perform your task fairly. I’ve put you in such a place that, everything is available there to reach you. You only have to evaluate the information. You are at the center of the universe in respect of the place you’re in! If you assess the information coming to you, you would be the sultan of your environment! Don’t forget! In that place next to you I’ve also put the vigor of faith, which will show you the way in times of trouble."
The mind said alright and started to fulfill its function properly.
But as people increased in number and the mind functioning in each one of them came across with various information, sometimes because of amazement and confusion, sometimes because of the false data coming from outside and sometimes because of the provocation of the hormones, slipped off, got into the blood, and it happened to find itself in some other organs all of a sudden.
As it is blind, supposing that it is still in its usual place, without noticing the difference, according to the data provided by the new organ, performed its function like it did in the brain, by serving that organ perfectly.
For some this new place could be stomach or genitals and for some others that would be feet or heart.
And as such, some people would live for food, some of them would forget his humanity and his faith and live just for sex, some of them would dedicate himself to sports and some of them would carry out behaviors conducting their lives with emotions and always have regrets, when their minds took a rest.
Yes, when the mind fall from its holy throne –the brain– people would say to him “pick up your mind!” But how could it do this? Mind had gone and dwelled in some other organ! The brain had become that organ from then on!
Its remedy is:
Whether faith will have weight becomes powerful and breaks the mind off the new organ and seated it into its old throne! Or it cannot control the mind… By saying “do whatever you want” it quits the communication between them. Thus, the mind keeps living faithless but happily with its new organ, and leaves the world in a state without “faith”.
It is watched from ahead and said about:
One more has gone without “faith” (iman).


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