The Place of Mind in The Brain

We have got so used to live without examination and thinking that it comforts us to accept what we can perceive as “material”, depended on a system working mechanically, and accepting those that are invisible to us to occur by magical powers.
Some of them relate this magic to nature; others relate it to their gods!
Those that have a lack of seeing and interrogating the relation between cause and effect and the working system of their bodies as a spectacular mechanism, keep uselessly insist on ignoring the BRAIN –the most magnificent mechanism of the One referred to as “ALLAH”, within the plane that we could perceive – and the perfect working system of human body.
Fake wises, who are ignorant even of the function and the place of genes in the brain, in life and in the existence of human being; as well as their spreaders (speakers) are comforting a large pile of society by saying that humans were created with the magic of god, and by worshipping that god everything would be completed and they say that the religion nothing other than that.
We are afraid of thinking, questioning and understanding our beings.
Those people who always put the verses of Koran and Hadithes in their memories and talk about them are unaware of the developments in modern science world. Most of the scientist, on the other hand, is unaware of what is advised under the scope of “Religion”. Piles of them live in their limited worlds and sometimes pass away from this world within their imaginary thoughts.
Yet, the system and the order created by the One indicated with the name “ ALLAH” –which we recognize as religion- can only be understood by the people using their brains. Besides, at the root of all sciences lies the working of BRAIN as well.
Therefore, it is the most realistic approach to recognize the working system and the mechanism of our brains and understand how they constitute our behaviors and thoughts.
Certainly, we do not have anything to say to those people who are satisfied with their prayers and fasting and take the rest as none of their business. They will no doubt be requited of their deeds.
Our word is to those pretending to be intellectual and interrogative, who asks the why’s and how’s of things when it suits with their interests and who turn to the point of denying the science when it does not fit with their plans, and who, when afraid or tired of thinking, chose to cling to the magic stick of God to take help from.
There is a saying of Abdulkarim Jili:
“This world is wisdom world and the hereafter is the home of might.”
Muhiddin Arabi coming first, according to Sufi people, all things that happen in the world, takes place based on reasons. Yet, we cannot be aware of the great part of these reasons as our knowledge is not enough.
That’s why, on the basis of his spiritual discovery, Muhiddin Arabi said, everything in the world in the Isthmus and in the Day of Judgment is under the effect of constellations. Eventhough, the kinds of the waves affecting the subjects have not been found yet.
Now, here I want to talk about a very important topic about brain for me.
As I told in my article named “Are The Souls Created In Past Eternity”, since the human spirit does not come from an outer world and it starts to take form in mothers’ wombs, then the afterlife body called as spirit (soul) in religious terminology, created just in mothers’ wombs by the nucleus of the brain.
The memory and consciousness which are the work of human brain are kept in this spiritual body completely by the brain, and after the spiritual body is disconnected from the physical body the person carries on his life in the afterlife dimension with its very consciousness. The “books” that every person will be reading in the Day of Judgment mean this, in our opinions, without leaving a comma.
This is one of the greatest miracles of the One referred to as “Allah”. How is the energy that we get from the food we eat, turned into some waves in brain? This is a matter, which should be thought on a lot by the ones who have a mind.
Does the brain create waves? Some kinds of waves are known by all of the scientists in these days. What’s unknown is the function of these waves. This has not been cleared up yet. As there is not enough technical equipment, it is clear that not all the waves in wave spectrum produced by the brain have been explored out.
That was not on the agenda when we wrote about it in 1985 that the “human spirit” does not come from outside but is produced by the person’s brain itself.
I present some paragraphs from an article published in 16th of May, 2002.
“The Consious Electromagnetic (EM) Information Field.
This is an article published by Professor Mcfadden, one of the professors in Surrey University in England.
Here is what McFadden says in short:
“Every time a nerve fires, the electrical activity sends a signal to the brain`s electromagnetic (em) field. But unlike solitary nerve signals, information that reaches the brain`s em field is automatically bound together with all the other signals in the brain. On the contrary to the nerve cells, information in wave form reach to neurons in the EM area of brain, get into touch automatically with other signals in the brain, unite with them.  The brain`s em field does the binding that is characteristic of consciousness.”
What Professor McFadden and, the New Zealand-based neurobiologist Sue Pockett, have proposed, is that the brain`s em field is consciousness.
“The brain`s electromagnetic field is not just an information sink; it can influence our actions, pushing some neurons towards firing and others away from firing, works just like a “command control center”. This influence, Professor McFadden proposes, is the physical manifestation of our conscious will.
This theory answers the hardest question, asked since old times, besides, it effects deeply our concepts about free will, spiritual subjects, artifical intelligence, even about life and death.
Most people consider `mind` to be all the conscious things that we are aware of. But much, mental activity goes on without awareness. Actions like walking, changing gear in your car, etc, can become as automatic as breathing.
The biggest puzzle in neuroscience is how the brain activity that we`re aware of differs from the brain activity driving all of those unconscious actions.
When we see an object, signals from our retina travel along nerves as waves of electrically charged ions. When they reach the nerve terminus the signal jumps to the next nerve via chemical neurotransmitters. The receiving nerve decides whether or not it will fire, based on the number of firing votes it receives from its upstream nerves.
In this way, electrical signals are processed in our brain before being transmitted to our body. But where in all this movement of ions and chemicals, is consciousness? Scientists can find no region or structure in the brain that specializes in conscious thinking. Consciousness remains a mystery.
"Consciousness is what makes us `human`, Professor McFadden said. "Language, creativity, emotions, spirituality, logical deduction, mental arithmetic, our sense of fairness, truth, ethics, are all inconceivable without consciousness." But what`s it made of?”
The most important fact in this passage is the EM area, the electromagnetic area, which are made up of the waves produced by the brain.
The structure we called EM area may be the SOUL (spiritual body) or not. But, the truth is, there are waves produced by the brain, which are claimed to be the human mind itself. And there will come a day when it will come out that the person’s after life body is this kind of energy waves produced by brain, which departs from the physical body; even if I may not be seeing it.


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