Locked Up Brains

This is the problem! Having a locked-up brain! Locking-up the self!
“I cannot understand… I am reading and reading but it does not fit into the picture! I realize that I have not understood a bit when thinking that I have understood it all!”
A very common confession that I hear…
But why does is it happen so?
It is because they have locked-up their brains with their own hands at sometime in the past.
And they are not aware of how they have locked-up their brains with what kind of a command.
We should definitely know that whatever we do thinking that we do it to others is in fact what we do to ourselves and we are living the results of whatever we do.
The warning of “Everybody lives the effect of their actions done by their own hands!” points to that reality.
Once upon a time… you may have made up your mind about something in your adolescence or youth saying that “this is it” or “that’s all”…
So your brain locks itself up with your decision! Then your brain simply ignores any kind of improvement that conflicts with your decision and do not take them into consideration.
It may be a book, a person or a subject… Religious or social, it does not matter!
Brain continues its function only according to the “SunnatAllah” –Sunnah of Allah!
Therefore, it is not easy for someone at all to reverse his decision or change his mind once he refused or denied something at sometime in his life.
Is it impossible?
The door of repentance (tawba) is always open!
If you become aware of what you have done is definitely wrong; if you have taken all the steps effectively to reconsider and correct that subject; you have the possibility to unlock your brain through your work supported with research and questioning about this subject! But of course, it depends on your understanding of your mistake regarding your decision about that specific subject fully.
Otherwise, the brain keeps your command related to your decision until it dies; and you pass away without realizing the truth that lies ahead both in front of your eyes and your foresight.
Being absolutely open to every novelty in every single moment is the crucial point…
To have a questioning and searching mind; never confining and limiting yourself with your current database!
It is the safety valve of the brain against the brain lock-ups to reconsider every incident or idea encountered, thinking that “Well, it was said so about this subject on yesterday, but I wonder if there is any other way to see it”;
Since the majority of the societies lives with locked-up brains since their early ages, they can not realize and be aware of new things that life unfolds continuously.
Social conditionings are the major cause of brain lock-ups.
Brains go under a lot of lockups in many areas since their very early ages.
Once you form an opinion about something on an occasion that it is not in its place, you can not see it even if it is in its place and in front of your eyes; as if you become blind.
Such a blindness of blockage which occurs in individual brains may sometime appear as social blindness through a certain conditioning that locks-up the entire society about a specific subject.
Most of the time, the veil in front of the unseen and unknown is these blockages which are the results of having a locked-up brain.
This system is also valid for the command that “the saints are hidden under the cover of Allah”.  Since we are locked-up through our perceptions and imaginations about “the sainthood and the saints” we can not recognize the saints even if we see them, because our brains have been locked-up by our assumptions about this subject.
Necessarily a person or an incident should appear in accord with our suppositions and expectations for us to be able to see them.
“…Thefeore, they have hearts (minds) but they do not understand (the truth) with them; they have eyes, but they can not evaluate what they see; they have ears, but they can not sense!..Those are like sheep and goats… Maybe even more perverted and confused… They are those who are unwary. (The Heights: 179)
“Allah sealed their hearts (minds), their ears/senses and their eyes are curtained.” (The Cow: 7)
The aim of the expression “seal of Allah” here is to point out the blindness-blockage that occurs in a person as an effect of SunnatAllah, as a necessity of the brain’s functioning system.
Because, people lock-up their brains with their misjudgments and hence cannot evaluate the fact even if they get face to face with it.
Blasphemy or infidelity (qufr) means “to conceal the truth, not to see it and to deny it!” and this is also a result of the locked-up brains. Those who are defined and called as “infidel” are the ones who fail to evaluate the truth regarding “ALLAH”, “RasulAllah” and the “Koran” and hence are the CONCEALERS of the truth since their brains are locked-up as a result of their decisions that they have made once upon a time.
One who has not “READ” us, might think that the “being sealed” mentioned above is something which is done by a God who lives somewhere out there!
However the ones who can “READ” us will now realize that the characteristics pointed out by the names of “Allah”, which is present in the essence of every individual and compose their existences, create such a flow automatically which is defined as “the authority of ALLAH” in the Holy Koran.
Now, we have another important key in our hand to understand the Holy Koran…
The first prerequisite for someone “TO READ” whatever he has in his hand or he faces, is to put his past database and his evaluations and conditionings related with his database aside, and to become totally objective and to remain in a state of being with no comment.
The second step is to be careful about the signage embedded in the text or in the expressions of the one who is talking through examples and metaphors, it is a must.
The third important condition…It is absolutely necessary to stay away from prejudice attitudes such as “I already know this, I have heard of it, I have read it” and not to make any decision about a subject by being prejudice.
In case of not having the openness for some reason about a matter, never reject or deny the subject in question… Leave the evaluation of that matter to time without making any decision… Because you either did not understand the matter since your database is not wide enough to get it at that moment, or you may have locked-up your brain with a decision that you have made before about the relevant matter! The best thing to do in such a case is to keep yourself always open to this matter in every manner.
We should know that many decisions that we make are the most important factors that lead us to deny ourselves from many mysteries of universal truth.
Our cocoon that forms our world of thought may often become our prison as an intellectual cell, instead of taking us forward to eternal innovations as a universal tool.
Think about it, everything is being renewed in every moment both in earth and the universe.
We are being warned about a continuous universal renewal with the verse of the Koran that “Allah is always in a new state of being”.
But we are still expecting a RegeneratorRenewer (Mujaddid –Master Spirit of the Age) who will take us back(!) to the life styles and comprehension of ages ago! A RegeneratorRenewer to appear on his horse holding a sword in his hand!
Most probably my lifetime might not be enough to see, or I may not be able to reach such a “Regenerator-Renewer (Mujaddid)”, but…
Don’t you ever be unaware and unwary of that…
Such a person that is expected to come, named as “Mahdi Rasul” in public, will not be a “Reverser” who may take the society and the understanding of Religion/Deen to the old ages, to the way of thinking of centuries ago, or is not a “REPEATER” to repeat the understanding of ages, centuries ago; but he will be a “REGENERATOR/RENEWER who will be saying new things today” as Jalaluddin Rumi notified!
Although the locked-up brains or the ones who are living the last days of their lifetime will most probably not be able to see this holy person; at least we are aware and hence we know that HE is a “REGENERATOR/RENEWER”! In my opinion he has come to the world with a function to renew our understanding of Religion/Deen.
Happy are those who are open to this!
Even though the ones who are expecting a “REPEATER” of yesterday and labeling such a “repeater” as “regenerator-renewer (mujaddid)” may not accept it, this is still the reality.
They who have enough lifetimes will see it and hence will commemorate us with grace (rahmat).
So, don’t you ever be unaware of getting rid of the lock-ups of your brain in order not to avoid yourself from seeing the universal truth named as “SunnatAllah”!


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